South Littleton Allotment & Gardens Association

The allotments occupy a 2 acre site on the eastern end of Blacksmiths Lane and to the west of Littleton brook. Before the area became allotments it was known as Parson’s orchard a name which has been traced back as far as 1811.

We believe the land was passed over to allotments some time in the 70’s having been transferred to Wychavon from Evesham Rural District in 1974. It is now leased by the Parish Council. It appears to have had a somewhat chequered history probably due to the lack of water on the site.

In July 2001 the allotment holders joined the “National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners”, (NSLAG) in order to be able to raise funds, and then formed “South Littleton Allotment and Garden Association”, (SLAGA) with the aim of improving the site by installing water, a new central path and promoting the allotments to encourage new members.

To obtain funding for the projects a number of charities were approached, and two of them “The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation” and the “Parish Pump” awarded significant grants towards the cost. The Parish Council then agreed to fund the balance.

A.G & A Pritchard from Peopleton installed the water and local company LeBrun did an excellent job on the central path.

The allotments are now fully occupied with a small waiting list and are in the happy position of paying more in rent to the Parish Council than is paid by them to Wychavon, thereby helping to ameliorate their funding.

Recently the Parish Council decided in principle to adopt a policy of halving the size of plots where it was thought appropriate to modern needs. Each of these decisions will be considered on its own merit.

Anyone wishing to be included on the waiting list should contact Di Wilson Secretary of SLAGA on 01386-830159. or Philip Wilson -